Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

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Re: Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

aspire wrote:

I have the 50mm f2 , 18-180 f3.5 n 70-300mm lens

I would purchase either a wide angle lens 11-22 or 14-54 for landscape to my E30 as this will be my first f2.8 lens


Well then the choice is a simple one. Read my earlier reply to this thread. You have the 50mm f2 Macro so the 50mm range is covered. You should keep the 11-22mm lens. Then you can buy a secondhand 40-150mm MK1 for around a $100 or less. This will cover you very nicely. Be sure to go for the 40-150mm MK1 not the MK2. The MK1 is the first version and is sharper and much more sturdily built. It is almost HG quality except that it's not water resistant but the MK2 is not water resistant either anyway.

You might also consider adding the 70-300mm instead of the 40-150mm if you have a little more to spend.

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