RapidWeaver 5 -- thoughts? Alternatives?

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Brian OReilly Contributing Member • Posts: 616
Re: RapidWeaver 5 -- thoughts? Alternatives?

I can highly recommend RapidWeaver - on its own it is a fine programme. I have produced some really fine websites that have totally satisfied the customer and myself

However - where it really shines is in the community of users and makers of add-ons.

For example - the Stack plugin is amazing

But then the additions for Stack take it to a new level

No matter what question you may have - the community is always ready and willing to assist.

In my time on the Macintosh (since 1986) I have never had such amazing support - especially from Developers. I have been amazed to find features added to products based upon my requests

As mentioned above - check out the Forum

Here are a few items I suggest you also look at to enhance RapidReaver

Stacks and anything else made by Yourhead


Anything by Will Woodgate:



Hope this helps


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