Need advice for trip to Mexico/Caribbean. Won't be taking t4i.

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Re: Need advice for trip to Mexico/Caribbean. Won't be taking t4i.

C0WB0Y wrote:

Leaving in 30 days for a 5 day trip to Mexican Caribbean (hour south of cancun). Looking for a compact camera to take along. Trip will consist of visits to 2 different Mayan sites, jungle, caves and of course plenty of beach shots and pictures of the mrs and I.

Image quality is king, followed by post process zoom and cropping (junkie for large canvas prints of my best shots) and then compactness (will not be carrying it in a bag). I'm assuming zoom will be used but don't expect the need to shoot a hummingbird's wing from 200m out.

For reference my only other camera is a t4i with the 18-135 stm lens. I've been very happy with it's output even in my learning hands - candidly i'm still learning to use all it's features (moving beyond the macros). I don't anticipate the second camera getting a ton of work once back but will take it to the kids ball games (fast action) and on my jaunts into the NC/TN/VA mountains (hike and fly fish).

Seems on the site there's a lot of grey area between "serious" point and shoot, compact camera and travel camera. I like what I've seen and read here about the RX100 but am admittedly wondering if it's the best tool for the job and worth the extra 200 over the G15 or 400+ over the WX150. Any advice regarding camera selection from you more experienced photographers and travelers for this type of shooting would be appreciated.


There are suddenly a whole bunch of good cameras in this category.   DPR did an excellent group comparison a few months ago that should answer a lot of your questions.   Search for 'LX7' and its page in the comparison is right near the top.   My favorites, for various reasons are the RX100 (big sensor, adequate resolution for cropping, solid build), Fujifilm X10 or X20 (nice controls, usable ovf, though inaccurate, good handling, slightly larger sensor),  Nikon P7700 (long zoom, exceptional, traditional dials and buttons, clean, understated output),   Panasonic LX7 (bargain pricing, fast lens, no real weak spots.)   The G15, Olympus XZ-2 and others have other strengths.

In general, I think these cameras are worth a premium over the travel zooms, unless you really need 20x zoom range.   The biggest zoom range in this group is the Nikon, nothing like a travel zoom.   If the RX100 seems like a lot check out the Panasonic and Oly models, always cheaper and usually good value.

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