Olympus photo division losses double

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Re: Yawn

Big Ga wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

Tim you are rehashing old dog do.

There is no news in this.

Well ... go complain to Amateur Photographer magazine. I got my copy this evening when I got home, and Rovingtim is just reporting what's on the front page of the BRAND new edition this week.

Are they rehashing old news, or is this worse losses AGAIN on top of the disaster previously announced? its hard to know reading it, but it seems to suggest that they knew there were going to be losses, but its even worse than previously forcast


Firstly lets look at the source. ( Amateur Photographer magazine. ) Its not a financial institution or publication . The article is a lazy copy and pate to fill editorial space if any thought had gone into it they should have convert yen to Pounds or dollars. Yen can be very frighting with the billions. ( I have a trillion dollar Zimbabwean bank note. ) . This publication also  reviews stuff that is nearly obsolete.

As to the Olympus thing and where they are going .  As I said in this post 'so what' its old news. These type of post are pretty pointless when the cat is already out the bag. Lets look at the source of the post (OP) and the stance take on most things Olympus. Let also look at the replies , they follow a set pastern . When one sees the user name one can nearly be 100% assured what stance the poster will take.

The only time I saw a change in mid stream was during the scandal when Olympus released the OMD. The pitch forks and burning brands where suddenly put aside and the garlands bearers and praise singers came to the front (A lot can be found active on the other forum.) . So peoples perspective and moral high ground and perception are suspect to say the least.

As to loss making this was 2 years in the making. The PS market is in decline. Olympus released a slew of PS cameras in the last  6 months . What one forgets is the design manufacture and inventory build up started 2 years ago.If one thinks this is unexpected from Olympus's perspective one would be silly. All camera manufacturers are in the same boat as  to PS cameras.

My thoughts on Olympus (For what they are worth ) . What will be , willl be and Olympus will look after there own interests first. I am just sitting and waiting to see what happens and using my current stuff hoping we will be thrown a reprieve. So maybe we be lucky this year maybe not but I am not losing any sleep over it.

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