Olympus photo division losses double

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alatchin wrote:

What amuses me is your point here is speculation. We dont know how many E-5's they sold, or E-30's or E-3's, wo dont know how many are still in use... But around the time of the E-30 the imaging divisions numbers look much better than they do today.

Add to that the E-XXX users and i think teeny tiny is just an humongous exaggeration on your part. If there was no-one to sell it to, who is making all the fuss when there are rumors of them ceasing production... who is making enough noise to make a large corporation issue an immediate response? 10 guys on DPR?

People who believe Oly has abandoned 4/3rds are unlikely to buy 4/3rds lenses. Olympus wants to make as much money as can from their lenses as the investment is already made. It would be business stupidity to tell people not to buy a product that is already made.

The fact that Olympus was aware of these losses when they made their rather public statements about the next body, I suspect it was already considered.

There is a report they said DSLR and if they did, then you are right. All the actual reports I have seen from OLY have seen said 'product' which does not necessarily signify a DSLR.

Splitting hairs. hey have used the words DSLR, AF and VF. Could it be an SLT? Sure. But I think even olympus knows they cant do a Sony and strip 30% of the light. Could it be mirrorless... No. Noone has managed what Nikon has managed with their 1 series. And even that has limitations.

DSLR means a mirror box and therefore an optical viewfinder and phase detect AF. Not a DSLR means no TTL optical viewfinder and not phase-detect unless they develop something new.

A fully functioning AF adapter or m4/3rds body would be welcome and, if they can do it, a likely development as it puts their 4/3rds lens investment back into play.

A DSLR also does the same thing. But most of my 43rds lenses are used all the time.

A m4/3rds body that works with 4/3rds lenses means the customer can buy m4/3rds products (the area Olympus is hotly pursuing) and 4/3rds lenses. A DSLR means 4/3rds only -- an area Oly has made no visible investment in since the E5. Unless you are right about the huge secret lucrative market that Oly has simply ignored for 3 years (because Olympus is not interested in making money?) that is a losing game.

I would imagine most of the professionals have left DPR because of the tone of this forum.

You are assuming I only know about DPR. There are professional forums out there. Oly DSLRs were laughed at from the E3 on. The EM5 is interesting pros but not (in the main) for their pro work.

You dont get listened to because most of your contributions have been negative, and noone likes a negative nancy. Look at this post... It is weeks old news, was discussed at length here and even on the home page of DPR... And you rehash it.

It was published in this week's AP. If it was on DPR then I missed it. Can you point it out to me please?

So what is missing... an updated body. Olympus could very well knock one out of the park and reinvigorate the system with 1 or 2 good bodies... A revised E-X, brought down in size and price, and an E-XX/XXX Sized around the E-520 but with very attractive looks... Imagine an OMD-E700, SLR styled body from the heyday of photography with an OVF (my word)... They would sell a few of those I imagine just for the looks.

The take the OMD, throw it into a redesign E-30 with weatherproofing 100% evf etc and a bunch of new bells and whistles, you would see everyone with a 12-60 and 50-200 buyone... everyone holding onto a 150mm f2, 14-35 or 35-100 would buy one... People from m43rds who now aspire to be "pros" and want a DSLR will consider an Olympus product, and some will buy them...

As Illy said, 4/3rds could have been so good ....

If it were not for the vague reports that Oly said they would invest in a 4/3rds body, I would be more certain. As it is, I'm only 95% sure.

95% sure... That 5% doubt seems to heavily influence your communication on the subject. From the standpoint of an investment, even one more body gets me more out of my lenses and more value from that lens purchase. If one day Olympus stops making cameras... the longer I have had a body to use them on, the more value I have got from my lens purchase. Olympus knows this, they know this is how camera users think.

Knowing what we think does not necessarily mean they will do what we think they should. They haven't since 2006 as far as I'm concerned.

The R&D is there, it is constantly being developed for m43rds, and developed well... The new IBIS is a tour-de-force technology, I was filming my son swimming at 150mm (300mm eq) with smooth buttery footage coming from the handheld camera... There are technologies in a new E-XXX or E-X that would, believe it or not, make users from other brands switch.

For me, the EM5 is close, but no cigar. I admire what Olympus has done, though, and would happily recommend one.

If Olympus revives 4/3rds I will be shocked.

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