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Re: Fantastic shots John!

Glenn Bloore wrote:


I have been away from the boards for a few days so sorry I missed this thread earlier. Great shots as usual. Wow, do you carry alot of gear....lol

How was your first time seeing the Raptor? Amazing isn't it? I spent a great deal of time with the team their first 2 years and was always impressed and amazed whenever I saw it.

I am happy to hear your positive report on the D800 and I love mine and my D4 as well. I still think the D800 and the D600 are about 1/3 stop lighter than my D4. What do you think?

Thanks for posting and the shots on your website look great.



Thanks for your comments.

Yes I do seem to carry a bit of gear and I ended up being the butt of a few jokes in the media pit at Avalon from those that know me.  One fellow took a photo of the gear and posted it somewhere instantly getting multiple 'likes'.

Admittedly we lined up my friends gear as well to make it look better.  Between us we had a few Nikon bodies with 28-300, 70-200/2.8, 200-400/4, 300/2.8, 400/2.8, 500/4 and 600/4.  Later for the twilight show I swapped the 200/2 in there as well instead of the 500 and 600mm.

Nikon was definitely more prominent this year than previous with all the major Melbourne newspaper guys also shooting D4.  Even the couple of USAF guys that joined us had D3S.

All shots were handheld including the 600mm and on a couple of occasions I put the TC14 on it as well.

By the last day of the show my foldup trolley suffered a structural failure with the 2 Pelican cases on it when it slipped and the handles broke.  It's supposedly good for 125 kilos though.

The Raptor is just incredible in its manoeuvrability but I suspect a 'noise' seeking missile would the way to go to get one!!  It is quite noisy compared to the Super Hornet.

The F16 jock seemed to have a few problems with his landings though managing to bounce at least once every day. The best was 3 bounces!!!  On day 5 he even had to perform a last minute go-round.  Not sure why as nothing was said on the tower frequency.

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