Adapting Canon Lenses

Started Feb 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Adapting Canon Lenses

Glenn wrote:

HI Folks

I see a lot of people here adapting canon lenses and wondered if that was because you switch from canon or added a nex to your canon kit?

For me the reason is I am a long time Canon and Nikon DSLR shooter and have tons of Canon Nikon lenses already, and no, I am not switching to NEX, no way, I can't stand shooting with a little NEX camera for all day in the field as my main camera, also I don't care for the Sony lenses so far, I just picked up a NEX for fun since I can use all my existing lenses on it.  Some of my main daily lens I can't even find it in Sony mount even if I am willing to use the Sony lenses, such as TSE 17, TSE 24, 85L F1.2, Nikon 14-24, Canon 300 2.8, Nikon, 300 4.0, Zeiss 21 and the about to arrive Zeiss 15 ZF.2........

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