40 minutes with an M [240]

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Bryan Campbell Senior Member • Posts: 1,012
very nice!

These are excellent! Not exactly like the M8 or M9 for color, I think it's better / more natural as you say but also sharper than the M9 (by a hair). Dynamic range seems way better as does ISO.

There is a certain look to the files that I only see from Leica cameras, people are crazy if they think it's gone. What they aren't used to is seeing LESS crushed blacks and LESS blown highlights that the M 240 will allow you to take advantage of. More dynamic range which means more details and lighter shadows, less burnt highlights. If people miss the M9's pop then increase the contrast a bit!

Thanks for posting. I look forward to seeing more especially with the 28 cron and 25 zeiss.

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