Olympus photo division losses double

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Re: Olympus photo division losses double

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So, a question arises, your division is losing money, do you retreat entirely to m43rds or potentially sell a camera to a large number of relatively captive customers?

I would agree they have captive customers but I would question 'large number'. In business terms, I would probably use something like 'tiny number' or possibly more technically 'teeny tiny number'.

What amuses me is your point here is speculation. We dont know how many E-5's they sold, or E-30's or E-3's, wo dont know how many are still in use...

I do know one of the largest retail professional photography stores where I live, that does stock all of the m4/3 stuff, no longer has 4/3 products in their display cases nor are they in stock. Special order only. And "OLYMPUS" is on their big sign at the road. Not nikon or canon but olympus.

Remember though, that micro 43rds is actually keeping distribution channels open for 43rds products to make it onto a number of shelves




I still hold out hope but I personally don't believe they are going to try to resurrect this lens mount given how much success m4/3 has

I suspect they will keep it going until the AF issues are resolved on a mirrorless body. I wont mind then, I will get that body.

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