Olympus photo division losses double

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Re: Olympus photo division losses double

alatchin wrote:

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alatchin wrote:

So, a question arises, your division is losing money, do you retreat entirely to m43rds or potentially sell a camera to a large number of relatively captive customers?

I would agree they have captive customers but I would question 'large number'. In business terms, I would probably use something like 'tiny number' or possibly more technically 'teeny tiny number'.

What amuses me is your point here is speculation. We dont know how many E-5's they sold, or E-30's or E-3's, wo dont know how many are still in use...

I do know one of the largest retail professional photography stores where I live, that does stock all of the m4/3 stuff, no longer has 4/3 products in their display cases nor are they in stock. Special order only. And "OLYMPUS" is on their big sign at the road. Not nikon or canon but olympus.




I still hold out hope but I personally don't believe they are going to try to resurrect this lens mount given how much success m4/3 has.

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