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A few suggestions...

Post more of what you want to see. Post your questions, something that comes from your experience and if someone else doesn't like- their problem

The sigmafia doesn't own dpreview nor can limit your right to post. They are actually pretty powerless. post and wait for those who really have an interest in working the pros and cons of the camera as the tool it is to achieve what you want to achieve photographically.

When I first started to post a while back I was tood that shooting high iso was just bad form, bad photography, just bad (good thing I knew way better by then) and that of course who needs high iso.  I was also shown "good high iso bight examples of street night life" with iso 400 with the camera capturing statues on a tripod- As you know- how its done.  Those statues sure have life!

Now thar the new spp is doing better in b&w at higher iso with the new sensor, you see a few exploring photographs that would have been next to impossible to take another way.  Just chuckle and move forward.

Share your photos and what you are trying to do in good faith. You will eventually get someone else not screaming foveon "is perfect for the real artist" with some real advice working with the pros and the cons.

Just my two cents.

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