5D Classic vs Fuji Ex-1

Started Mar 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
mr moonlight Senior Member • Posts: 1,789
Re: 5D Classic vs Fuji Ex-1

It depends on what lens you are using, but overall I've found that the 5D classic is faster than the XP1. We're also talking CDAF vs. PDAF. The 5D is faster, but not as accurate. It's one of the reasons micro adjustments for lenses was introduced. I only have L-glass, so my experiences may be different than others. I tried a cheap Sigma Macro on my 5D and it was quite a bit slower and hunted a bit. In this situation I'd say the XP1 is faster, but true Macro's are usually a bit slower on the whole. Under the same situation, my 50 prime locked accurate focus quickly without hesitation.

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