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Lin Evans
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A Few Quotes....

From one of the people you are ostensibly defending:

Been there. Done that. Got nothing but "It's something you/re doing" or some patronizing nonsense which I dismissed immediately.\

don't. I defend myself against lies and attack.

Difficult to talk up to most of these people.

admit to having something of a short fuse when it comes to responding to people who attack, are dishonest or who are technically incompetent.

When they lie, I'll call them on it.

Hahahahahahahah. Check the girl's face.


infantile nonsense noted.

Given your quite advanced years, you should have grown out of this type of behaviour many decades ago.

You have no idea, do you. Driven by your hatred and nastiness is your lot.

The rule is, silly old man, there is NO debate. There is honest comment and there is yours. Get it?


You posted an image I commented on it You cracked up and acted like a quean(sic)
Your pack dogs backed you up - none of whom dared suggest the image was technically bad
You then suggest there could be some faults with the image because of blah blah blah
NOW, Mister - Just who has the problem with comprehension. Infantile

Leave the clever stuff to those who are better able to handle it.

My opening comment ONLY dealt with the image, ergo, you either cannot understand the written word or you are a liar. I'm beginning to think both apply.

I don't like liars, Stone. There are many who post here who do nothing BUT lie. You are one of the best of them. But one should expect that from one of your profession. I employ two of your type, Stone, so I am familiar with your tactics.

Follow that up with more of your hatered, lies and filth, Stone. I fully expect it.

I'm sure the mods. will break this up sooner or later

No they won't. I've asked them to do so, but when it's me under attack, everything is OK with them. I'm a tad sick of the religious/ethnic overtones in some of the attack I face.

To survive you must suck up to the SigMafia members, you must fall about the place praising EVERY photograph they post, you must NEVER be critical of anything Sigma/Foveon, you must pay allegiance to the Godfather, aka Gelner and his Lieutenant "The Butcher, aka Fleischman.

This is NOT a forum which welcomes open and honest debate nor is it a forum which welcomes any but total Sigma/Foveon zealots.

Yep. With the insults, attack, hatred and filth introduced by Evans, Reolofs and Stone. I, unfortunately get to carry the blame for this thread's degeneration. These people can never take responsibility for their own actions.

Do you really think I care a fig about what these people think of me? Talk about the lunatics running the asylum.

His work leaves your efforts for dead.
Deal with it.

I trash people who are bullies and are dishonest.
Deal with it.

I have put Matson on the ignore list. He's just too, too nasty and full of himself to have any credibility.

You are obviously blind - either that or you simply cannot see. Or do not want to see.
I've long held you to be a dishonest person. You prove it each and every time you post diatribes such as the above. Now - back under your stone, Stone.

A good review, ruined by Gelner's constant whining and distortions.

If you go the other way, and uprez the sigma image to D800 size, the Sigma image falls to bits, making Sigma's claim of this 30mp equivalence a nonsense.

More empty words from the king of hatred and rhetoric, actually.

You've missed the point I made. I'm not going to take this to your level.
Question - Are you on the Sigma payroll?

Heaping praise on some very mediocre snapshots, which as BW have not even been properly processed? Well done.

You're rapt by these images? Seriously? And you wonder why I refuse to post sample photos.

None of that explains why the Sigma images are so small when compared to the D800 images. Nor does it explain why the Sigma images are processed at 180 dpi.
Is there a way to get the images to 300 dpi?

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