Feedback on first portrait shots

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Re: Feedback on first portrait shots

Sailor Blue wrote:

My first recommendation is to use a simple white background instead of black. With a single light the white background will actually come out gray, not white. Dark hair blends into a black background but gray will give you a nice separation of the subject from the background regardless of hair color.

I also thought the white background would be better for the office shots (the same panel is white on the other side)

As mentioned, add a reflector on the opposite side of the subject to add fill light. This will lower the highlight to shadow ratio seen in your first test shots and make the portraits more flattering.

I was actually planning to use natural light coming from the window behind camera to fill the shadows. Would that be ok as a substitute?

Here is a good reference to the classical lighting styles.

Portrait Lighting - Names for different portrait lighting set-ups in photography

I suggest you use loop lighting.

didn't see loop lighting in the article

You don't mention the size of the umbrella but for a waist up portrait it should be at least 43" (the diameter is about 39"-40" when opened) and you can use up to a 60" one. Don't use a smaller one.

the shots I posted are with a 36" white shoot thru, but I have a 43" silver bounce that I planning to use for the office. Is that ok too?

One other thing I noticed and forgot to mention is that all the test shots are in landscape mode rather than portrait!

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