A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

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Re: A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

dave gaines wrote:

Like Rick said above, I can not see Olympus changing the battery now. I would be pretty annoyed of they did since I have quite a few BLM-1 and BLM-5 and chargers. The grip works on my E-5 and the E-3 before that. I didn't know it fit other cameras. I'd be equally unhappy if they reinvented the grip.

This would be why I cant see the E-X being any smaller than the E-30, so Olympus doesnt upset their existing users.

I don't see a retro design as an advantage for a DSLR. The OM-D is retro because it's small like the old Olympus flm cameras. Still, it is easier to fit more stuff in a squarish box than a rounded one. I think the current plastic or mag-alloy bodies are more durable. I like the rounded feel of my E-5.

I was thinking retro for the E-XXX... I mean, if noone has cottoned on to the fact that the E-620 is almost the same size as the OMD... Olympus could make an OMD DSLR around the size of the 620... All these people who love the idea of the OMD, but want an OVF would be served well. Throw the 25mm, 35mm, 50mm on there are you have a very small attractive system

An E-xxx or E-xx was hinted at recently when Olympus said they needed to give current E-520, E-420 and E-620 owners an upgrade path. They need an affordable entry level body for people on a smaller budget to buy into. I don't think "highly stylized" is the efficient way to go for an entry level camera. It must be competitively priced with similar DSLRs.

This would be my only reservation. But if they could squeeze it to about $899 I think it would sell like a house on fire, considering its potentially retro looks.

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