5D Classic vs Fuji Ex-1

Started Mar 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: 5D Classic vs Fuji Ex-1

Tell you what, they both make some wonderful files. I sometimes miss my XP1. And if it wasn't for the focusing not meeting my needs, I think I'd still have it. On the other hand, I do welcome the seemingly endless world of lenses and accessories a mainstream DSLR like this offers.

BTW I was using the 35mm on the XP1 which as I understand IS slower than the 18mm. But if I never switched back to DSLR I would have never gotten a chance to pick up my SIgma 35mm 1.4 which is just an amazing lens. I loved Fuji's 35mm too but the Sigma just out edges it. Overall I think its a hard decision to make. 5D is cheaper though

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