Advice on connections for a new monitor

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Questions thread
Eric Carlson
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Re: Advice on connections for a new monitor

As I've mentioned in the past, why not just remote from 1 PC into the other, like with Remote Desktop, VNC, etc.? That way, you don't have to do any monitor or keyboard switching? That's my favorite way of accessing other PC's from my main PC.

Also, what type of connector does your current PC have? Are you sure it is not compatible? If all it has is a VGA output, then perhaps you are correct, but if it has DVI or HDMI, it might support the monitor. If you are trying it with DVI, make sure to use the included dual-link DVI cable, and not a single-link cable.

I have no problem running 2560x1440 on low-end hardware via HDMI or DVI. My netbook works fine via HDMI, and my GeForce 8400GS video card has no problem via DVI. So if your current video output doesn't support it, then even the cheapest (like $20) new video card will.

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