The ZS20/TZ40 as a "microscope"

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Re: The ZS20/TZ40 as a "microscope"

Ianperegian wrote:

Thanks Cyril. Your TX1 certainly does "supermacro" very well.

It seems your computer screen is quite similar to mine in dots per mm and in the structure of the pixels. My shots were taken of the screen of my early 2008 iMac.

I calculated that your TX1 supermacro image has achieved about twice the magnification of the screen image I took with my ZS20 without any add-on lenses. As you say, that is a very useful degree of magnification for very small objects or for viewing tiny printed text fonts.

The ZS20 "microscope" setup can do better than that in magnification but it certainly can't be put in a pocket.

I wish you success with your tests and I look forward to seeing the results.


My computer is a 2009 iMac, hence the similarity of screen pattern.

Unfortunately, my initial attempts at increasing magnification using your method seem to have failed. The TX1's super-macro mode auto focusing system might be the problem.

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