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Re: About fanboys

richard stone wrote:

Monstrously overwrought drivel: Childish and naive, to be only slightly redundant.

Good one! Did you invent it yourself?

Ron is not a well person, which is easily seen in his posts, if you read them, which clearly you did not, as I would expect, as you were too busy composing your lecture, focused on your own ideas, not on the world around you, so you did not do actually do much observation.

Hmm, you use the same tactics as Laurence. Making assumptions, and basing arguments on them, even if they are wrong. That does not hold in court. Maybe I should start calling you Laurence?

However, what is highly amusing here is the idea that trolls have friends, and finding out who they are. The friends of trolls are of course the contrarians, people who take the other side of an argument "because someone should..."

Yes, sometimes someone should stand up. A troll seldom does much harm, and can be safely ignored. But what you and your friends does is not harmless. One thing is that it in the long run hurts Sigma. But it also represent such a disrespect for dissident views and for humans. And that on a camera. How CAN you defend the tone of the posts you write to other human beings? And you talk about beeing childish? No, btw, it can't be childish. It is too mean.

I have followed this forum for a number of years now, and I really have a hard time to recall any of your contributions as beeing anything else than vicious attacks on someone that has already been attacked by some others here. Did you ever step in to offer help?

and to play at being "devil's advocate," as if that was not one of the dumbest and most annoying idea ever conceived.

I do not know about the "devils advocate" thing, but I understand that you feel annoyed when someone challenge your way at interacting with others.

(Unless you wish to delude yourself by thinking this is some sort of pedagogical tool, and your are the parent or teacher lecturing to us children...) How charming.

Your insight amazes me. Wait, first you said I am childish. Now you are the child. You need to have consistency when you proceed. Well, in the real world it's never to too late admitting a mistake.

Now, you might ask how I can say that Ron is not well

No, I had no intention of asking.

and yet call him a troll, as if we should forgive him because he can't help it? Clearly "trolls" have all sorts of motivation for posting as they do, and if you had read Ron's posts you would have seen that he enjoyed annoying people and proposed to post on the Sigma forum until he was banned.

Reading your post could also suggest that you enjoy annoying people. Maybe just one at the time, but anyway.

Ron knew exactly what he was doing, although we could propose that he did not know why. He liked taking on and disputing the accepted opinion and of course, when he posts in the Sigma forum who is he going to find there? People who own and use the Sigma cameras. And probably (generally) like them.

So much that civil behaviour is secondary.

So he wants to play at being the curmudgeon. Read what he posted.

To accept his opening paragraphs in his most recent post as sincere is naive. And self-righteous. The perfect word. (Or is it two?)

The trolls enjoy stirring things up, and by that they gain a certain satisfaction. Now, I do not propose to understand that feeling, because it is so utterly foreign to me,

Aha, that makes it more clear. The difference between the trolls and you is that the trolls gain a certain satisfaction, but you do not when you stirr up things.

but I think that feeling is to some not-very-healthy extent shared by the contrarians,

Again, you assume that the reason people oppose your inhuman form of communication is contrarian. I think better of people than that. I can only speak for my self; I prefere not to see things stirred up. I prefer reasonable threads, where people talk in a respectful way, even if one disagree. I hate the threads where you and your fanboy friends jumps at people, for no other reason that their view differ, or they come off too strongly or whatever. It gives me NO gain of certain satisfaction to adress you this way, but it will certainly give me a lot of satisfaction if the forum were spared for the post on the level you and other fanboys produce.

who frequently do not own or generally use the Sigma cameras. But again, arguing for the sake of arguing, which we so often see, is the essence of being a contrarian.

I can't really vote for contrarians, as I do not think there are many of them around. But in case anyone should count me as one, I do at least have a SD14. Yes, I know I haven't posted a glass of water, so Lin Evans will probably not believe me.

Don't you see that Ron was posting to enjoy himself? And his enjoyment was based on interacting with others in his own odd and mean-spirited way?

No, I can't see that. But I can imagine that you can. I often find your posts mean-spirited.

I proposed not interacting with Ron directly because it only seemed to wind him up.

And could I say that the idea of a "fanboy" is EXACTLY what Ron was all about, in the sense that Ron was talented at insults, and now you respond with your over-the top post and entitle it with an insult.

That one was complicated - but that is expected, I am just a child. Do you mean that I also am a Fanboy, since I have insulted you. SO Ron is both a troll and a fanboy. Okay.

As if even enjoying the equipment somehow makes you less likely of having a valuable opinion.

It doesn't. But enjoying the equipment doesn't authorize bullying others. Thats where you have misunderstood something.

But of course, how foolish is that when you put such a mindless title ("fanboy"???) post on a brand based gear forum?

Oh, I am so sorry I made a title that made you uncomfortable. But, since when did your concern for talking about brands start? All you do is to talk negativly about people.

Ps: Ron is an entertaining writer, with remarkable energy and hostility, although sad to say he cannot seem to coax any images from his Sigma cameras.

You are really mean to others.

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Not very kind regards

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