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Briarios wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Briarios wrote:

True, but not on the level. Ruse to entice early adopters. Downgrade to XP while you still can.

Going backwards will only keep you living in the past. Win7 is a very fast boot up, even faster than Vista. And Win7 is Vista tweaked minorly. Both are great operating systems, have and use both. Both are great! Go back to XP and you can't run Lightroom 4 or CS6.

Well, one can pick the bleeding edge or the trailing edge, when it comes to OS, and there are potentials to both. The trailing edge potentials are better known, the bleeding edge, are not. I suppose it is up to whether you are a risk-taker or not in regard to the operating environment of all of the software involved with your life, which is what an OS is there to facilitate.

If an OS is working for you, then there is no need to fix it. Having said that, I think that you make good points re: Lightroom 4 & CS6, I did not know that was the case with XP; I use these programs in OSX Snow Leopard. Note that I am not using Mountain Lion. I play it on the trailing edge. I use an older version of Parallels, and XP Pro. It all functions perfectly thus I have no reason to change it. Though I could certainly afford it and my machines can easily run it, I have no motivation to affect a change.

I do not play it safe with everything, but with OS, I do. It is not that I dislike Microsoft or Windows; in fact I rely on it, and use it daily. - John

John, im hearing you..I went XP to Vista and hated it. Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. My latest machine came with Windows 7 and qualified for a windows 8 upgrade for only $15. Im so happy with Windows 7 I didn't take Microsoft up on their offer.. Windows 7 is THAT good.

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