Is the Sigma 105 macro lens any good?

Started Mar 7, 2013 | Discussions thread
evangelos k Contributing Member • Posts: 506
Re: Is the Sigma 105 macro lens any good?

It is as good as it gets. Don't pay attention to perfect test conditions and test charts. Not that the New Sigman 105 HSM does bad there, but it is slightly rated below the Tamron, Nikon and Canon on paper. It does not mean squat.

The HSM is WONDERFUL, the Internal Focusing even better, and since the SONY is our brand name alternative, at $720 ($200 cheaper than the Screw drive, extension focus SONY) is a steal. Of course, the Tamron 90 is the greatest deal, but screw drive and extending element - no thanks.

I have actually used the Sigma to track moving subjects, no joke, in CAF... with a macro. It did not disappoint.

This fly was moving erratically and fast. CAF and HSM did a great job.

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