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Chikubi wrote:

JoeBrautigam wrote:

So i've got a project due ASAP because i have to reshoot because it "wasn't good enough" the topic is "culture and tradition" any ideas???

Don't take this the wrong way, because it ernestly is meant to be helpful, but if your first project "wasn't good enough" then you're not going to get better by coming and asking for help. The point of education is to develop your thought processes and methodology related to your chosen field (and life in general), so taking a shortcut and asking for help is screwing yourself in the end. What does culture and tradition mean to YOU? Think about that then think about how to visualize that concept via your photography. If you can't do that without any outside help, nothing you try later on will ever become "good enough".

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ok i appreciate the feed back and everything and you are 100% right but what i did was culture and tradition to me i had a picture of my dog with a saint Patricks day hat because i am very irish and i celebrate all the time i had easter eggs in a basket with easter grass because easter is a pretty big thing in my family so thats why i came to dpreview.

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