How to Approach Printing B&W Printing

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Update from OP

After reading all the advice here, I went this morning to a high-end camera store and looked at their printers/scanners and asked for their advice. This is about 1/2 mile from the Sony Pictures studio in Culver City (formerly MGM).

After looking at all the options – which mirrored your favorites in this thread — I felt that I don't want the bother, don't care enough about the quality, and don't have $2000 or so to throw at an issue which, realistically speaking, is a cure for an ailment I don't have.

I don't have the wallspace and thus don't want prints. Of any size. These older negatives I spoke of were insider photos taken in and around 747s. In the cockpit, while flying, and exploring the plane parked —close up. Several negatives are 21/4 x 8" taken with a Linhof Technica-Wide, the camera they used for those school graduation pictures of an entire class. And some rare shots of the only flying B-29 bomber. Inside, and then artfully shot exteriors from all lengths. Shot on Plus-X film.

The few that are worthy of enlargement I'll take to well-known lab in Hollywood and let them swim in the chemicals. And thus limiting seriously any further photo equipment acquisitions on my part. And the chore of scanning 80 rolls of film! Ouch.


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