Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

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Re: It is not the camera or the lenses...i think

KariP wrote:

I checked your website too ( quite fast)

There are several images that have absolutely no technical = camera or lens problems and they just "pop" as much anyone else's images. It might be something else.

You are shooting quite often with the lens wide open or quite open - quality of a lens is very often at its peak around f 5.6-f8.

And sometimes the backgrounds are not good - they just kill the subject... it is the photographer who makes the composition. Sometimes it is just impossible.

Bright sunny days (around noon) are not good for photography - results are often quite flat- whatever we do.

I can not say anything about your PP skills - perhaps there is some fine tuning to do?

Bottom line:

I do not believe you should return or sell you camera. Perhaps you can borrow someone else's DSLR camera and some other photographer can use your camera for some time, as a short test ... then you know

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Thanks, Kari! I was actually thinking about renting or borrowing another 7D or 5D3 to see what the results would be. I agree that the light her was absolutely horrible! It's the absolute worst time of day to be shooting. There are many other sports photos I've taken in better light at f/2.8 that are great. So, I know this camera can produce stunning images (well, maybe not stunning but at least very good coming from an amateur).

The main reason I don't like to shoot much higher than f/2.8 is that you just end up with way too much of the background in focus and the photo becomes way too busy. I love isolating the player or the action with a nice creamy bokeh in the background.

Anyway, I got a few PM's from people who shoot BIF so I'm going to make those adjustments on my 7D in hopes that I'll get better results at this weekend's games. I'll be shooting 4 (perhaps 5) games so there will be plenty of opportunities to play around with different apertures, shutter speeds, and other settings.

Oh, and I agree on the PP skills.  I use DPP and LR3 but I could very well be doing something wrong that's contributing to (or even causing the problem in the first place).  My PP skills are not horrible but I still have a lot to learn for sure!

Thanks again !

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