My first Nikon 1 V1 picture.

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Re: My first Nikon 1 V1 picture.

Yes, it was the low price, along with the viewfinder that got me to buy the V1.  I also read several glowing reviews on Steve Huff's site.

At this point, Sanpete, I only have the 10mm lens, which came with the camera (I would have liked to get closer to the tug, but couldn't). I mostly like taking landscape and sometimes cityscape pictures that down through the years I've usually photographed with wide angle lenses.  Right now I'm having an internal debate about what lens to buy next.

The 18.5 with it's 1.8 aperture sounds good (but no VR), and the 30-110 has VR and it's reviewed as very sharp. And the ultra wide zoom with VR would be great for landscapes, but it's a bit too expensive for me right now.  And the new 10-100 would cover just about everything, but it's also too expensive for my wallet at the moment. Decisions, decisions!

I'm like the V1.  It's a relatively small tank of a camera. And compared to my Olympus EPL1, it's a sprint champion. I'm leaning towards using a 2 camera setup, with the EPL having the 14-42 zoom and the V1 having the 30-110 zoom. Then I don't have to change lenses while out and about.

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