G3 "Quick" Menu and touch screen -- help or hindrance?

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Re: G3 "Quick" Menu and touch screen -- help or hindrance?
LudwigVB wrote:

I find my G3's Q Menu a bit peculiar, to be honest. I can't decide whether it helps or just adds even more confusion to negotiating the G3 menu maze. Coupled with the touch screen, it seems to offer an odd mixture of convenience and inconvenience:

Best description of this I've read!

I balked at first when I got my G3, but agree with Vlad that the solution is to customize it with your  most used settings.

Once I did that, everything became very natural.

For instance, the Panasonic 45-150mm lens does not have an OIS switch. By putting Stabilization on the Q.Menu, it's 2 taps with my left thumb to turn OIS ON|OFF.

Also, the G3 "remembers" the last menu item, so you can have your most-used configuration be the one that displays when you go to the menu.

- Richard

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