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Richard Franiec wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:


... and then have the gall to denigrate other things - meetings, trade shows, shoots, beta testing, personal contacts, dinners, tours - for what appears to be simple jealousy reasons, thereby ignoring the fact that many people here have dedicated considerable resources in terms of time and money to making this effort on the part of Foveon and Sigma somewhat successful. And for the most part, those people doing this, did not do it to make you or anyone else jealous (as you clearly are); amazing as the concept may seem to you, Sigma and Foveon actually reach out to users they can identify as serious people, who might have something important for them to hear.

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Until now beta testing for Sigma with all perks (listed or not) were taboo on this forum.

Your confession begs for answers:

1. Who are the beta testers for Sigma and participate in this forum?

Different cameras have had different beta testers.  I know that Kendell was a tester for the SD14.  The names of the others escape me at the moment.

2. What are the criteria to become beta tester for Sigma?

3. How beta testers are compensated by Sigma?

You'll have to ask them, but why does that matter?  I would guess that there was no compensation but that is pure conjecture on my part as I've never asked them (because it's none of my business).

4. List of suggestions to Sigma leading to improvement of product.

5. Are the "serious" users opinions more important than average user observations and wishes?

6. Was SD1 initial price influenced by beta testers opinions?

No way.  If, and I stress "if", they were to have had any influence, it would have resulted in a lower price, not an absurdly high price.

These are my initial questions. I guess that it wiill be more coming.



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