Aperture X coming this spring???

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Re: In respect to updating of RAW capability ...

Hen3ry wrote:

… my post http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50825980 is worth a look. Apparently it is pretty straightforward stuff -- so that raises the question of why Apple can’t update ALL OS and iPhoto versions within 24 hours.

Does Adobe update raw support within 24 hours? Does Adobe update anything but the current version of Camera Raw?

But I agree, technically running the measurements to get the parameters to support a new camera shouldn't take more than a few days (if at all). Waiting until the first units of new camera model have shipped to customers probably makes sense because the camera maker might still tweak firmware settings right until it ships the first units. Thus a delay between a camera announcement and support should be expected.

And I also don't think that Apple (or Adobe) need to save money by only measuring cameras in batches. It can't cost them that much. But releasing them in batches is probably done to limit the total number of updates a user has do deal with. For general software updates, bundling multiple changes into one update greatly helps with support and testing but for simple raw support parameters that is much less relevant.

Adobe bundles new raw support into an update of the application version which sometimes can include other things. They certainly wouldn't want a new version of LR for every new camera added.

I think the best way would be a system where raw support updates are downloaded automatically in the background like virus scanner signature updates.

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