RapidWeaver 5 -- thoughts? Alternatives?

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RapidWeaver 5 -- thoughts? Alternatives?

Does anyone have any experience of RapidWeaver 5?

I have been doing my web projects in Canvas X, a magical integrated program I know inside out and which is my main tool of my business.

The reason why Canvas has met my needs up to now are:

* I know Canvas inside out having worked with it for more than a decade as a raster and vector graphics program, DTP program, presentation program, and web program. so even though it was not the "best" for the job of web, my familiarity with it meant it was the best for me.
* I have had some back-up with e.g. webstore pages from a mate
* The projects I worked on were pretty small and straightforward
* I really didn’t do enough of them to get expert in the use of a dedicated program and to retain that expertise (i.e. not to forget how to do this and that between outings).

However, I am now on the verge of a pretty substantial project -- in fact, three of them -- and while I could do them in Canvas, I feel i could do a better job with something that e.g. gave me drop down menus and one or two other refinements, including maximizing SEO.

Having made the modest investment in the book about RapidWeaver 5 and plowed through it ignoring the author's over-use of the term "amazing" when referring to pretty commonplace stuff, and "geek" when referring to looking at the tiniest piece of HTML, it looks as though this could be the program for me.

Having read the RapidWeaver book, I also appreciate that I will have to spend perhaps $150-250 on plug-ins over and above the initial price of RapidWeaver itself, but for what it can do, that looks like a fair investment.

One of the advantages of RapidWeaver now is that having plowed through the book -- which I found quite harrowing (joke, joke, other farm boys will understand) -- I have now clum up a couple of ranks on the ladder of learning. In addition, I feel as though this book will be a good back-up for quickly finding clues about what I have forgotten how to do between projects!

Nevertheless, i would be happy to look at alternatives.

Oh -- and nothing Adobe. I'm not into renting.

Any informed thoughts?

Cheers, geoff

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