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Re: My approach: try to be proactive in responding

Thanks Roland,

My contention is that both the "people wanting conflicts" and the "searching for reasons to start a fight" examples along with many many others are largely unrecognized in the individuals with the attitudes in question and a little forbearance and proactive responding will go a long way toward not adding fuel to the fire.

Some of us can do this, for others it will be very difficult and what is a natural response on the part of some may actually not only appear challenging and agressive but will in fact be just that but I'm still unwilling to attribute to maleficence what can be more easily explained by inborn uncontrolled tendencies on the part of the "offender".

In fact I see little evidence that people take this aspect of behavior into consideration when corresponding with difficult posts and posters.  Alas this is just one more aspect of the human condition.  We are no more inclined to rational thought than the deer who ignore the deer crossing signs.  We are victims of our biological constraints but were we not we would not "be" at all.

As you say we are indeed strange but more properly strangers to logical action instead basing our interactions on our emotional responses.  That's why proactive rather than reactive responses facilitate conversations.


Roland Karlsson wrote:

...Many other conflicts are due to people wanting conflicts. It is much easier to answer a post if you can claim something in the post to be wrong. Its more interesting. Some even go so far to searching for reasons to start a fight...

But, the other extreme, that everything are just opinions, and nothing is wrong, is not so good either. If someone asks a question and gets 5 faulty answers. What shall I do then if I know the correct answer? I can, of course, just give my answer and hope that the questioner understands that my answer is the correct one. Might work. Might be a good idea ... maybe. But ... it feels much more helpful to tell that its me that knows the answer and that the others are wrong.

Then we have the classical one. I come here and I have something to say hat is not beneficial for Sigma. I might ask if the at last have solved those blotches. Or I might ask about the battery life. Both "hinting" at Sigma shortcomings. There are hundreds of things I could do that could be interpreted as trolling, if you so want. Innocent or not.

And some take upon them to defend, sometimes even by attack, and sometimes with correct and helpful responses. Differs.

Humans are strange animals.

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