Olympus menus a shock after LX5?

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Re: Olympus menus shockingly useful.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Oly menus are there to help you make the camera work the way that YOU want and not the way the maker thinks is good for you.

Well, that's the theory. In practise, there are some very very odd restrictions. Why, for example, isn't the button customisation a 'matrix', where I can assign any function to any button - rather than a oddly restricted range of functions that depends on the button type?

A good UI should be simple and regular. If I can set something on Fn1 then I should be able to set Fn2 or any other button (four-way-controller non-direct AF button modes...) in the same way from the same area of the UI. Equally, why are the built-in EVF vs OLED screen settings so different and in completely different parts of the menu system?

Personally, I came unstuck trying to use both back-button AF (Fn1 only) with a my set to perform bracketing (also Fn1 only). I can't find any way to bring up the AE bracing options from a button press, so I need to dive through several layers of menus when I want to do this.

Olympus really need to hire some expert photographers to help them refine their UI and customisability...

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