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Re: DX, Next Revolutionary Big Thing

Just a sec everyone!!!!

I have been doing some maths (yes I'm in the UK so it's maths (plural) coz there are lots of numbers not math (singular) )

I work out that if I were to 'stick' extra photo sites (pixels) on the side and top of an APS-C sensor to make it 'FX' size, then I would have approx 28.3 MP in my new FX sensor.

So I have no issue with a 16 MP APS-C having the same pixel density as an FX sensor.

But if that is the case the actual pixels sizes must be the same or you wouldn't get them to fit.

So if you use the NEW SENSOR TECHNOLOGY that is being used in the new 36 MP FX sensors then a 16 MP DX sensor will have similar IQ, dynamic range, noise.

Yes image size will be different because of the 'crop' factor but all-in-all a SIMILAR product.

Of course the DX camera will have to be further away from the subject to get the same image (assuming the same lens) and will only have 16 MP not 36 MP.

Now if different lenses are used to get the same image area then the FX image will have more pixels so more cropping can be done.

But on the other hand if the FX and DX cameras are next to each other (assuming the same lens) and you take the same picture and you then take the FX image and crop it down to the same picture area of the DX sensor you will have the same number of pixels. Approx.

Basically what the OP is saying, I think, is that the 16 MP DX and 36 MP FX have the same pixel density and if the new technology is used in the new DX sensor the IQ etc. wont be that far apart.

I think it will be hard to spot the difference in a print.

And as you can use your DX glass, then……. Attractive option…

So I don't think it's as clear cut as some might think

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