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My approach: try to be proactive in responding

One of my hobbies is trying to keep up with some of the recent neurological behavior research.  It seems to me the more we learn the more the question of "Are we driving the brain or is the brain driving us?" seems to be coming down on the side of the brain driving us.  I hasten to say that it is a very complex question and my conclusion is very general.

I believe that our most fundamental positioning of ourselves with reference to others is largely beyond our control unless an intentional attempt to understand how we position ourselves and why.  Even with such an attempt proactive communication is necessary and our biological endowed characteristics will out themselves if we allow them free reign.  Without such proactive reflection we often jump into the water without knowing if it is freezing or boiling.  Equally important is an attempt to view others as handicapped with the same proclivity for similar kinds of uncontrolled responses.

I'm sometimes offended when no offense was intended but rather an incompatible response was tendered not out of malfeasance but rather out of what is simply a different way of seeing and approaching our interactions.  Consequently, if I can write out my initial response than let it sit a bit before I send it and in the meantime think more clearly about what is intended rather than what I may perceive I can respond more neutrally.  Sometimes though it is very difficult not to send something inappropriate or hurtful when the styles clash.  This is because our ability to understand is very deeply ingrained and difficult to control.

Many years ago while teaching English in Taiwan I came up with a simple statement I used to try to encourage my students to be a little more tolerant.  Essentially it says just because one way of doing/saying is different from another doesn't mean it is wrong; it only means it is different.  I don't always appreciate some of the posts on the forum but when I think about it, I try to see them as different in nature literally.  Society is made up of all kinds of genome determined types of people and not all of us are going to feel good about some of the other types but we can see them as merely different rather than wrong or bad in most social situations.

If you wish to understand how different types of people see the world and others have a look at the enneagram or briggs-myers materials.  We truly are not all the same and thank goodness for that.

If you wish to see what is going on in science and medicine in general I've found physorg.com to be a very useful site with its only drawback being it can suck up way too much time if you have broad interests or are attention deficit disordered.


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