Just a Pity what our craft has become........

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Re: Just a Pity what our craft has become........

riknash wrote:

The DSLR is long-in-the-tooth as a device for capturing most of the images that are desired by the average person. How can the DSLR compete with a go-anywhere, always ready to take pictures, take videos, take phone calls, fits easily in your pocket device? Most dont care one iotata about bokeh backgrounds or super high-rez images. The images they capture are ubiqitious, simply blending in with their lives without any compromise, something which using a DSLR fails with, miserably. There is no "production" required like there is when using a DSLR, no "getting ready" to take the shot. Honestly, I'm the one who feels embarassed these days when out at a venue where tablets and phones are the norm and the only thing my big honking lens plus huge DSLR beastie can do is take photos, sometimes rather poorly in my hands. Nope, no realtime sharing of photos and video to friends far and near with either the 7D or 5DIII without attaching some barnacle WiFi device and gasp, downloading to the tablet/phone and forwarding on to friends. Talk about Luddite workflows!

Many images users post to this forum could easily be classified as ones that may have been better taken with an iPhone as clearly they are snapshots destined to languish forever on harddrives that eventually will be discarded at estate sale time. Meanwhile the iPhone photos have been "consumed" and will disappear without any ado. They were meant for the moment and have fulfilled their purpose.

totally disagree

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