Is Canon's Digital Photo Professional really that terrible on the Mac? (I think yes)

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Re: Bad installation is not the same as poor software

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anat wrote:

I have one of the most powerful versions of 15' MBPr. First installation of DPP turned success, then I decided to change the language. I removed the previous version and reinstalled. It worked but it didn't get updated to the newest last version from the web site. I didn't find solution to it yet and stopped doing it as the biggest problem turned that Canon DPP doesn't support retina resolution and pictures look like on the ordinary monitor. I can't imagine that such leading company didn't update their most important program to new retina resolution standards as long as the past year. Shame on Canon. I installed a trial version of LR 4. Now retina resolution and quality shines. But I hate LR with each cell of my body. I hate its overcomplicated library and cataloguing. I don't need them at all but unfortunately they dominate in LR. My pictures appear where I don't want them to appear and they don't appear where I want them to appear. My 25mb raw files turn into 950kb jpegs instead of 5-6mb like it was in DPP even after some light cropping. There are no good web tutorials to LR. I don't like and understand what Julliene Kost says. I'd prefer to stay with DPP with its good systematic simplicity and nice features. But as I said with retina there's no use of it. Does any one knows if or when Canon plans to make their next step to retina?

So you slam a program, because you don't know how to use it? There is nothing complicated about its library and catalog, nor does it put photos anywhere except where you put them. Every program has a learning curve, but you shouldn't blame the program if you are not prepared to put the effort in. Seems more like a PEBKAC problem to me.

There are plenty of great tutorials on Lightroom. Start by watching the video's on the Adobe Lightroom YouTube channel.

And there are good books too, if you prefer that.

But, if you trouble comprehending what Julienne Kost is showing and telling you perhaps you need a different hobby as she is generally very clear and easy to understand.

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Frankly speaking you are right from one side. Starting Lr or something similar requires some learning. Unfortunately it takes much time and efforts. Sometimes useless. I am tired of useless learning and waisting time. Unfortunately Lr is not exception. It took me a week or more to get into it. I don't object that 4.3 Lr has some very nice features for developing images. I was even thinking to buy Lr 4.3 after my 30 days trial version is expired. But a couple of days ago I got stuck into a very serious drawback of that program. It goes without saying that after developing you want to see the result of your work on full screen at max resolution. In Lr you can do it in slideshow module. The quality of pictures in slideshow turned complete crap on my 15' MBPr. They are not sharp and blurred. I was fighting for two days to improve the quality in slideshow module, no result. In library, in developing module and in mac viewer after conversion into .jpg all pictures are perfect. When I was about to give up I found out that slideshow module in Lr 4.3 is still not optimized for Retina. How can I trust all Lr pimpers after that with all their useless tutorials. It was loudly declared by Adobe that Lr 4.3 is optimized for Retina. In reality it is optimized partly. Adobe with Julienne Kost lie. They lie and sell unfinished program. Crap.

Today I installed Aperture. They don't have such drawback as described above.

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