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Re: Why do I post here?

RonJG wrote:

I don't have time for diplomacy which is nothing more than institutrionalised lying, designed to hide one's true feelings, beliefs or opinions. I spent too many years too close to too many governments to know that.

Hmmmmm ... not time for diplomacy?

I am not either much for manipulating my fellow human beings with planned and false kindness and sweet words. Not my style. I prefer honestly.

But ... some kindness and understanding is almost never wrong. Its a matter of style, that I sometimes fail in :-).

But ... I have learned by several years behind me that it is seldom a good idea to bruise up and get angry and say slightingly things. You lose with every word you write, even if you are right.

On more thing ... sometimes you cannot win .. even if you are right. If you get angry and shout and use faul words .. you lose and if you are kind and understanding you also lose ... as the crowd, for some reason, already have made their choice.

But back to the question at hand.

If you want help ... and understanding ... you need to provide sincere questions and examples.

Personally I dont have any Sigma cameras and dont cliam to have any. But .... I think it is reasonable that if you have the cameras and have problems .. that you show something.

Now, I know that the problems you talk about are not imagenary. They do exist. Several proofs of that. But ... it seems like the degree of problems varies from camera to camera. So ... a look at some of your problems might be good. And ... even thouh you may not like it ... you might do something wrong .. and then might get advices on the also. E.g. the Sigma cameras seems to be sensitive to under exposure.

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