Are signatures on gallery photos still the done thing?

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Re: They're not the same

Hulamike wrote:

Two shots taken of the same subject are not the same thing. Do you ever bracket exposure? Adjust lighting in a portrait shoot? Shoot the same game or event annually? ALL these events are different, unique. ALL these shots are unique to themselves. Here's where dating comes in handy. A hypothetical collector of yours 40 years from now could tell which shot was made before another.

Get it now?

In technicality I agree with you, yes, they are two different shots - no argument there Mike.  And please, I am not trying to sound all knowing and/or even obtuse about the subject, I think with respect, we both have two differing ways to view the issue.

Some collectors may see the same scene and know it's from two different shots... god, let's hope they can tell... otherwise the post processing making it look the same would be boring.  But what if that same collector comes to you and says... "Hey Mike, I bought this scene as a limited print x years ago and I see you just produced the same scene with a slight variation, what gives!!!"

You are free to offer "Limited Edition" prints whether or not you shoot the same/similar scene ever again in the future, but if you do and actually shoot the same/simlar scene and one of your collectors pitches a fit about it, be prepared to explain yourself.... it may go over just fine with an explanation of it "technically" being a different photograph entirely and it may not.

All I am saying is that in my opinion, I think offering "limited edition" prints from easily re-produced digital media in today's technologically advanced world puts a limit on the photographer of not re-producing a similar image or face the possibility of your professional credibility being challenged.  This isn't to say it's not achievable, but in my mind (and maybe mine only) I choose to set my own bar at my own height for my own reasons that you or others may not share.... you may think it incredulously shortsighted to do so, but for me, it will let me sleep easier at night knowing that i'm not currently or in the future selling what I consider an improper marketing ploy hiding behind technicalities no matter how they are explained for the sales pitch to be "Limited Edition" ---- i.e. one time only prints.

Let me re-iterate, so that we don't get lost in argumentative misinterpretation over the web as sometimes happen.  This is only my opinion on the issue and I realize that views on it may differ, but after long thought and debate, it's how I currently feel about it.... might I ever change my mind?  It is possible in the future, but for now, I feel comfortable thinking about the issue as I have stated.  I hope your point of view on it works out well for you and you bring up good points, just not good enough to make me change my mind.

Cheers to you and good shooting.

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