D600 - Shutter replaced: need to retune lenses?

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Re: D600 - Shutter replaced: need to retune lenses?

inasir1971 wrote:

Rudy_from_Canada wrote:

I got my D600 back from Nikon earlier this week. They replaced the shutter mechanism and cleaned the low-pass filter, because of the dust issue. Just for fun, I ran the camera through its paces in FoCal, with my 50mm f/1.4G. The results (consistent) are now way off from what they were before the repair. Previously, my lens needed a fine-tune of -4. Now, it's sitting at +16! I ran through the tests a few times with both front and back defocusing to confirm.

Does anyone know if this is to be expected? Should I go through an re-tune all of my lenses?

To save you some time, you'll only need to check one lens. If the fine tuning has changed for that lens, all lenses will require the same adjustment.

This of course requires that the both measurements are accurate for the lens used.

(As a side note, for anyone using multiple bodies that use the same type of AF module - e.g. Advanced CAM3500FX in the D4/D800/E you just need to work out the offset between bodies using one lens carefully, and then only need to work out AF tune values on one body. The others will use that value+offset)

In that case, I'm really hoping it's my test setup that is the contributing factor here... my lens went from -4 to +16.  That's a 20 step change.  I've got other lenses that optimized at -3 and higher... if this is true, I'm pooched!

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