Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

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Re: Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

hoof wrote:

bflood wrote:

If you are looking for excellent sharpness in the corners of a 20x30 or 24x36 print, you probably shouldn't be shooting DX in the first place.

Not sure I agree with that. From what I've seen, it's an order of magnitude easier and cheaper to get razor sharp pictures from corner to corner with DX than with FX. With FX, you usually need expensive primes (not to mention bodies) for many focal lengths, while with DX, many zooms are sharp in the corners stopped down.

The bigger the imaging circle, the harder (read: more expensive) it is to get good corner sharpness, even stopped down.

FX has several advantages over DX (shallow DoF, extra stop of lowlight, etc). The ability to get sharp corners isn't one of them. You usually have to spend much more on good glass to get good FX corners than with DX.

I tend to agree with this. There are a few reasons I'm still shooting with DX as well as FX, but the main one is the wides. Its very difficult to get the same level of across the frame sharpness with FX lenses while still maintaining a sensible grip on the cost and weight!

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