A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

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Re: A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

I can't foresee them abandoning the BLM-5, which is a new design that's powerful, meets the Japanese safety criteria and fits a host of E-series cameras from the E-5 down to the relatively small E-510. It's basically the last thing I'd expect them to change.

Since I don't own a grip I have no dog in that hunt (can't see a benefit to making an already big camera like the E-5, even bigger).

I'd be pleased as punch with an E-30-sized semi-pro camera, but don't expect one. There's a memo on a shelf somewhere that says, "Thou shalt make dslrs all look boringly the same." and all the makers follow that rule to a "T". Oly's no different in that regard.



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