What is keeping Nikon from making 22 megapixel D4?

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Re: Bear in mind

apaflo wrote:

Waterengineer wrote:

The only thing holding back a fast frame rate, higher pixel count camera is an affordable computation engine (on-board computer) to handle through-put to the memory card.

The frame rate is virtually unaffected by the write speed of the memory card.

True, but the processor is the easy part. It could be done today with ease. The big trick is a 16-bit ADC that is both fast enough and with a high enough SNR. It doesn't exist today.

Please go back and read what I wrote.  I believe you misunderstood what I said.

What I said was throughout (through the buffer and processor) TO the memory card.  I made no statement about the memory card.  My assumption was that the camera user would be using a fast enough memory card as to not be the choke point in the system.

Now with that said, you statement about rate being unaffected by memory card write speed is false.  Try using a too slow memory card sometime and you will get the point.

Further, you point about the 16-bit ADC is well taken.  However, I will disagree.

As I discussed in my first post on this thread, we as consumers and perhaps as engineers don't know what is in the labs.  I bet (and we will never know) that the ADC you call for exists, or is close to existing but not for the appropriate cost.  Look at some of the ADC in MF especially on the high MP count sensors.  It is already there - for a cost penalty - downscaling the technology and upscaling the production to bring it to the average consumer is the challenge, not the technology, per se.

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