A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mahmoud Mousef Senior Member • Posts: 2,604
Re: A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

alatchin wrote:

How many of you think a DSLR to sit in the E-XXX size with a more "stylized" look would sell. Lets assume it is about $800 and harks back to the heyday of DSLRs with some metal, leather etc.

I can't say I like the retro designs I see.

I'd much rather they continue the E-xxx line-up of better ergonomics, no leather and no inspiration from the distant past.

In many ways I think Olympus has burned some bridges with the absense of new DSLR bodies, so I think they have sent some negative messages in the market there, but I wish them well.

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