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Re: Nothing

Richard Franiec wrote:

mroy wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

What do you know about him?

Why do you ask at all?

Because if bruised ego is a predominant factor in formulating the further opinion, such opinion does not count much.

ahhh, this works several ways too. "Bruised ego" or envy may account for some of the anti-Sigma negativity too, I've often thought, not just in reference to this thread. I remember people posting, asking, how to get their hands on 'early' aka beta cameras and/or software and/or be part of the 'testing' group or have photos hung at shows, etc etc.

FWIW, all anyone needs to do to be part of a Sigma 'shoot' is to attend! No club membership card needed. In fact at the last shoot, not everyone was using Sigma cameras.

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added: and name-calling just because someone is perceived as an 'insider' (rhetorical question, inside what?) I do not appreciate being called by RonJG, "the butcher." I actually tried to be helpful to him, as I try to be to most people, when he first began posting under his new username, and was rebuffed. I

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