Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

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Re: Is the Nikkor 16-85mm overrated?

john Clinch wrote:

DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

As a disclaimer, I have to emphasize I'm a "prime lens"-believer. I try to avoid zooms.

I don't come over to the lens forum very often and its statements like that probably drive me away

My humblest apologies for spoiling the aesthetic perfection of your reading experience by expressing what works for ​me ​and offering a disclaimer in an attempt - alas, vain as it seems - to calm the hordes of the zealots that frequent this forum (hey! We agree it seems after all!)

​I prefer to use primes and ​I ​try to avoid zooms because fast apertures, better optical quality, at a lower price and lighter packages are something that work for me. Ultra-wides is only one part of the equation (and I do agree, there's nothing much for DX there). But the focal lengths that I use the most, 35 to 85, are filled with plenty of great primes. No, not all of them are DX. But they're all cheap, small, and spectacular. The 17-55 f/2.8 is the closest I can think of to replace my primes, but right now I favor all other factors rather than flexibility.

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