Minolta MC 1,4/50 experiences

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Re: Minolta MC 1,4/50 experiences

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Although there is clearly something wrong here, (light leak?) with your 1.4 lens, I did a series of comparisons with my Minolta prime lenses recently and found one other lens which gave superior results. That was the MD 50mm f2, but I'm told that the commonly found 50mm f1.7 is even better. My 50mm f1.4 MC PG is also a bit soft, even stopped down a bit.

Steve, I am not familiar with the 50mm f2. Have you published your comparisons anywhere ? I have had a 50mm f1.7, and it was not so sharp as my 50mm f1.4 although both were really close. My copy of the f1.4 is very slightly soft full open, but then really sharp when stopping down and its bokeh is delicious, and to my eyes, far superior to this of the f1.7.


John in the next message reports, "I bet that there is a haze (or dare I say fungus) on the inside of the lens, This affects many lenses that are older, and can be a very slight haze to a heavy haze."

And I believe he may be correct in the case of my 1.4 lens which is well-used, with a lot of very small scratches. Now you asked about the 1.7 but I've never tried one. People seem to like it.

Now the 50/f2 was common but is now quite forgotten. Small, light but not cheap like the 45. The pages in the Rokkor Files that did the comparison between all the smaller 50's seem to have disappeared from the internet. But there are allusions to it's goodness scattered about, here and there. Also the 1.7. The main thing in my opinion is that the later MD lens have a better multi-coating, which is nice in some conditions.

Another lens I have is a very nice MC 55 f1.9 which is very flat but wide and heavy. Now that lens is uncommon. Do you have any information on that lens, by chance?



Here's a nice review series on manual Minolta lenses.


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