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Having said that, I would recommend to you to use ACR. Since you want to go into PS anyway and you already are in ACR you might want to do as much as possible in ACR. The reason I say that is that the ACR tools are at least as good if not better than what PS has to offer. They are not overly complicated. The biggest reason, though, is that for some operations ACR goes back to the raw data as that gives the best results, whereas PS would work on the TIF data, which may or may not give good results. Use PS for retouching and preparing for viewing and printing only.

I totally agree in a previous post this thread I emphasize on the ability to master with subtility shadows and highlights

I just upgraded recently from ACR 6.x to 7x and these new settings are really effective to produce the best out of the RAW file



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Well Guys,

Here is my issue. I use CS3. If I don't need the expense of an upgrade for this issue, I would be very happy. Thus my question about Silkypix just to get the RAW file into PS CS3. I am in this predicament because I have had the same camera since 2007 and ACR 4.6 and PS CS3 have been all I needed.

So, based on my desire to keep CS3, what are my best options? BTW Thanks for all your replies.


In this case, your best options (IMO) are using RFC that comes with the camera, or use AccuRAW, which will be released soon and will cost around $30 (if I am informed correctly).

Here is another possibility, but I do not know if it'll work. Perhaps someone else can chime in: use the free Adobe DNG converter to produce a DNG file and use that in CS3.

Finally, I have heard rumors that CS3 is the last version that'll allow you to upgrade to the most recent version. If you wait until CS7 is out and you want to upgrade, you'll have to buy the full version again. Can't vouch for that, though.

I am in a similar predicament - still using LR3.3 (because of the unwillingness to upgrade from Windows XP). If I produce a DNG file using the latest Adobe DNG converter and import it into LR3.3 the results are not that good - noticeable loss of details. Does anyone know what should be the "oldest" version of the CS or LR for the software to be compatible with the latest Release Candidate DNG?


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