Canon Powershot SX50 for Wildlife?

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Re: Your Florida wildlife gallery...

Gimble wrote:

QuimOlhado wrote:

I went ahead and visited Best Buy earlier today to get a feel for the SX50. After working with it for a few minutes, I realized that I perhaps expected a bit oo much out of the camera. A few things that displaced my certainty:

  • The EVF is miserable to use – particularly after having used the OVF in my DSLR. I suppose that is something that I will just have to get used to. I do have concerns that this will make precise focusing rather difficult.
  • I am not a huge fan of the zoom wheel, particularly after having been able to zoom using the lens on my DSLR. I have not read too many complaints about this, however. I suppose this is something that I will learn to work with? Framing assist with certainly help, at least.
  • Poor camera performance. I do realize that I will not be shooting in a poorly lit Best Buy once I get the camera, but it still was a bit disheartening. Again, I realize that the conditions I will use it in will be far better (and the pictures I have seen as examples are amazing), but still.

For the first two, are these things that I will learn to work around? Using the LCD screen will be different, but perhaps that is something I need to get used to for this camera. Maybe the same thing goes for the second as well. At least I know that this camera can capture excellent images – as long as the photographer knows what he is doing!

Given those issues why not consider the Panasonic FZ200 - it has a far better viewfinder and is apparently much faster in operation. It also has a much faster, but shorter, lens.

Note that I have just bought an SX50.

I did consider the FZ200 as well. However, I was swayed by the price of the SX50 (with the current Canon Cashback in the UK the FZ200 is about 40% more expensive and the Canon also came with the official Canon carry case and a good quality 16gb SD Card) and as I already have a Canon G15 I can use the same battery and external Canon flash with the SX50.

I may reconsider when the FZ200 replacement comes out - probably this summer.

I had actually looked at the Panasonic FZ200. As you mentioned, it is a faster lens. That was the primary draw that I saw. However, since I have a DSLR with a 55-250mm lens, accounting for the crop factor, I have a 400mm reach. 600, while certainly more than 400, doesn't represent as much of am increase as the SX50 for wildlife.

Again, I still have not hard nice weather in which to really test this new camera, but I have high hopes once I get clear skies.

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