What is keeping Nikon from making 22 megapixel D4?

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Re: Bear in mind

Joe Tam wrote:

I'm surprised a $6000 flagship Nikon D4 cannot do 8-10fps at 24 megapixel when the sub-$2000 d600 achieves 5.5 fps at 24megapixel and the 22.3 mp 5d3 does 6 fps.

Our organization only upgrades every 3-4 years so I'm kind of stuck with D4 at 16 megapixel for the long haul. If I had a choice to buy I would have chosen the D800: the images look amazing and very flexible for any sort of layout.

I wonder if Canon n Nikon already have 24mp 10 fps cameras and they are holding them back for the product cycle.

Not really impressed with the $6000 4 megapixel upgrade from D3.

There are rumors that there will be a higher MP top end body out this year. Might be called the D4x, or something else. Speculation has it at either 36 MP or 54 MP.

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