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Richard Franiec wrote:

What do you know about him?

do I know about him.

The same can't be said about him. Want a small example?


'Since you haven´t seen them, maybe your monitor is so bad that it does not show them? Just to be sure, you HAVE taken picture with your DP2M?'

Wrong on both accounts. I have a very good monitor, properly calibrated, and I have the DP2M since August last year and have posted several examples here.

'You have been here too long. You are adapting the: "If I can´t see it, the problem does not exist." attitude. AND make personal attacks on people daring to post imperfections about your beloved camera. It´s a THING. Noone is attacking you personally by telling about a problem they have with the equipment.'

He knows what about me? And how?

Hence my conclusion, solely based on his posts in this forum: self-righteous.


He actually is right about one thing: I love my DP2M and for me it's not a 'THING'.


Why do you ask at all?

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