Bag for OM-D and 5 Primes?

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Re: Bag for OM-D and 5 Primes?

Cane wrote:

Do you have to take them all with you every time? Even and OM-D and 5 primes requires a bigger bag. If you are going small, go all the way. Every time I see one of these threads, the bag suggestions are still as big as a woman's purse.

This is true. In my case, I am one of the legions gone micro 4/3 from large DSLR gear, so the very idea of having an entire collection along for the ride is attractive.

But even micro 4/3 gets heavy when there's enough of it. Now that I have a nice sized bag to handle it all, getting a second body and carrying two camera, each with a lens mounted on it, is very attractive.

I walked by a photographer who was doing just that and he appeared at ease and comfortable; and here I was passing him by with a large bag on my shoulder.

Though I was happy for the spacious bag when later I found myself close to sailboats while out on a wooden pier featuring way too large gaps between the boards; in the cold and the wind. Along came the urge to attach a filter. Having a wide bottom bag with some interior depth was welcome to perform said manipulations and not drop anything.

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